Select Bookmark to add a course to your Bookmarks. You can then find and play your bookmarked courses in the Super Mario Maker game via Course World → Courses → Bookmarks.
Bookmark All
Select Bookmark All to add all the courses shown on that page to your Bookmarks.
You can bookmark up to 100 courses. If you select Bookmark when your list is full, bookmarks will be auto-deleted to make room, starting with the oldest.
Locking Bookmarks
To prevent courses from being auto-deleted from your Bookmarks, select this icon via Course Info.
Deleting Bookmarks
Select this icon to delete a course from your Bookmarks. If you've locked the course, you won't be able to select this icon, so you'll have to unlock it before you can delete it.
Course Info
When viewing Recommended Courses or after using the Course Search feature, a list of courses will be displayed, along with the below info.
Course Difficulty
Super Expert
A general indication of how difficult a course is. There are four ratings: Easy, Normal, Expert, and Super Expert.
Clear Rate
The number of times a course has been cleared compared to how many times it has been played.
Game Style
Courses can have one of four different game styles: Super Mario Bros.™, Super Mario Bros.™ 3, Super Mario World™, and New Super Mario Bros.™ U.
Upload Date
Next to a course's game style, you'll see an indication of when the course was uploaded.
Cleared Courses
This icon will appear on courses you've cleared.
Course Tag
The tag that has been selected for a course. For more information, see Adding Tags.
Adding Tags
By adding a tag, you can give players a better idea of what to expect from a course. For instance, you could use the Puzzle tag to indicate that a course is mainly focused on solving puzzles. This will help players who like solving puzzles find the course more easily, so it's a good idea to add a tag to courses whenever possible! You can add a tag using the Course Tag option via Course Info.
The icons that appear on the Course Info screen indicate the following:
The number of times a course has been starred.
The number of times a course has been played.
The number of times a course has been shared via social media.
Course Creator
The course creator's Mii™ character, nationality, nickname, and maker medals.
Course Search
Search for courses based on a variety of conditions. You can narrow down your search based on the course's game style or course theme, the region from which it was uploaded, its difficulty, tag, or the date it was uploaded. Try mixing and matching these six options to find the kind of courses you're after! You can also change the order in which your search results are displayed by choosing between different sort options. If you're looking for the newest courses, you can sort them by upload date, or if you're looking for popular courses, you can sort them by star rate.
Maker Rankings
Find makers using a variety of rankings. The following info will be displayed in the maker list:
The icons that appear on the Maker Rankings screen indicate the following things:
The number of courses a user got the "first clear" on, and the number of courses they hold the "world record" fastest clear time on.
The number of times a user has cleared 100 Mario Challenge.
Protecting Tags
By default, any user can change an uploaded course's tag. However, if you don't want other users changing the tags you've selected for your courses, you can choose to prevent this in Settings.